Since 1997 the Bishop GmbH has been successful in the procurement of first class personnel for the aircraft sector.

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Bishop GmbH - Aeronautical Engineers
Aviation House
Blankeneser Bahnhofstr. 12
22587 Hamburg

Tel.:(0049 - (0) 40 - 866 258 10 Fax.: 0049 - (0) 40 - 866 258 20 E-Mail: bishop.peter@bishop-gmbh.com
Tel.: 0049 - (0) 40 - 866 258 10 Email: application@bishop-gmbh.com


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We have specialized as agents for aeronautical  engineers, expert- and executive positions and specialized personnel. The standards we set for our employees are accordingly high.

Since 1997 the Bishop GmbH has been successful in the procurement of first class personnel  for the aircraft  sector: from development and engineering tasks for the Airbus GmbH Company
(A 400M, A 380 etc.), to marketing- and management positions in the air flight  industry.

Good references are the key to your professional success. If you have less or no experience, an excellent or good academic record will also convince us, and we will give you the chance to gather initial experience with the leading aircraft enterprises of Europe. In the same way, we will consider giving applicants, who have a track record of achievement but no, or a weak, academic record, a chance in the air flight industry.

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Bishop GmbH – Aeronautical Engineers would be glad to receive notice from specialists with the following qualifications:

• Aerodynamics (CFD, Wind-Tunnel, Stability, Control  etc.)
• Static (Fatigue & Damages, Tolerance, FEM, Static etc.)   
• System (Avionics, APU, Fire Protection, Load Systems etc.)
• Loads (Flutter Clearance, Gust, Ground, Air Loads etc.)
• Management (Presentation,: legal, contractural etc.)  

In particular we are interested in:
Cabin-Interior Stress Engineers
• Business/Contracts Specialists for 3rd party contracts with   avionic knowledge
• Oxygen Systems Specialists (experience not required)
• Static Engineers (Stress Engineers)
• Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Engineers (for both North- and South-  Germany)


Pre-dimensioning of the A 380 barrel or work using the T-programmes.  There are also vacancies working with the Fairchild Dornier Jet Family programmes.

• Aircraft  Lift Specialists for the A 380
• Aircraft  Fire Protection
• Aircraft Fire Protection Analysts
• Aircraft Freight Loading Specialists (not Loadmasters)
• Marketing / Recruitment Executives with relevant experience
• Aerodynamicists with Wind Tunnel experience
• MSC/NASTRAN Stress Engineers capable of generating global   models
• Load Engineers.

Should any of the above be of interest, please contact:

Bishop GmbH – Aeronautical Engineers
PO box  55 01 30
D-22561 Hamburg